A Way Out


If I ever
Find a way out
Would it matter
How it came about?

A way to
Be with you
I'd never

Wanna go back
When I see ya
Knowing there's just
Nothing better

I want you
You want to

Can I find it in myself
To be me and no one else
For the one that I want
To be with when I can't
Find it in anything else
Hoping in and of itself
Just won't do
I'll need to
Keep my cool
Surely to
Find a way out
A way out
A way out


Following The Question, A Way Out is the second single from YUS in a series leading up to his next album, Hyperspiritual, to be released in 2023.

The song denotes a longing for an exit from the ephemeral nature of romantic relationships, and for finding one's self within, instead of seeking outside counsel.

It was written in Spring 2012, released under the Youceff Kabal moniker in 2016, then subsequently taken down in 2018 when the YUS moniker was readopted, and revised between 2019 and 2022. The single includes a version recorded at Endless Noise in Santa Monica as a B-side. A Way Out was professionally mixed and mastered in Summer 2022, and the Endless Noise version in Summer 2019. The Bandcamp digital release includes the Youceff Kabal version from 2016, and the original demo from 2012.

The cover art is a thought form, one of many that inspired Wassily Kandinsky during his career. This one depicts Radiating Affection.


A Way Out was composed, written, performed, and produced by Youceff Yunque Kabal. It was mixed by Youceff Yunque Kabal with the assistance of David Chapman, and mastered by Dietrich Schoenemann at Complete USA

A Way Out (Endless Noise Version) was composed, written, and performed by Youceff Yunque Kabal, and produced, mixed, and mastered by David Chapman at Endless Noise

Illustration by John Varley Jr